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Bench leading in the quality of Training


  • All our trainings on an average are rated 84% as Excellent, 16% as Good. We are also proud to share with you that NO FEEDBACK OF OUR TRAINING PROGRAMME FALLS LESS THAN EXCELLENT AND GOOD
  • All our trainings are tailor made for each organisation, designed by understanding the gaps/ need felt for the trainings, education and age levels of the employees and understanding and addressing the industry’s nature and culture.
  • Our training will be more a workshop effectively building in self-confidence and motivation among the participants and bringing in the required change in them and imparting knowledge and skills through case studies, Role play, Management Games and Practical Exercise related to their work and not a mere class room training


Our Training Topics and List of our Clients/Training Participants


  • We are Specialist in all soft skills trainings like Leadership Skills, Communication Skills, Interpersonal Relationship Skills, Decision Making Skills, Planning & Organizing Skills and Creativity
  • Also Specialist in conducting Trainings in Tamil and special trainings for Union Office Bearers/ workmen for cultural change/for launch of new Schemes/Policies. .
  • Specialist in assessing special training needs, designing and conducting need-based trainings
  • Specialist in Inter- Facing trainings between inter / intra departments of friction and building up teamwork and the bond of belongingness and oneness.
  • Good in Succession Planning workshop
  • Specialist in Motivation Trainings
  • Also specialist in Labour Law and Statutory compliance Training.
  • Had trained VPs, Directors, Plant Heads & Functional Heads in both soft skills and on special tasks like fixing Key Result Areas, Performance Appraisal, Statutory Compliances, etc.

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Trainings for Professional & Arts colleges

Scoring 90 or 95 % marks do not ensure a career for the students. Improving their soft skills and developing their Personality gives them their career and brings the image to the college/ university

Our specialized trainings for the students are

  • How to Attend Group Discussion Successfully
  • How to Attend Interview Successfully
  • How to Write Good Resume
  • Personality & Leadership Development
  • Effective Communication Skills

We conduct mock interviews, Mock Group Discussion, explain the students their mistakes they do and train them to come out of their limitations to face Interview and Group discussion successfully.